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Monday, 20 October 2003
Les nouvelles choquant

The Meanies

This picture was taken exactly a year ago today, after bluemeanie’s confirmation. Amazing how a year flies. Yesterday afternoon I took bluemeanie to this year’s confirmation ceremony (in Hurst Green) as she was singing in the choir. It was an interesting service, and the Bishop spoke very movingly - about what it means to take a spiritual journey. Refreshingly he spoke ‘out of the (traditional) box’, with humour, feeling and depth. He even had a Zen Buddhist quote about walking the path.

lil blue meanie is well, but we had a little ‘fight’ yesterday. I don’t like her using tic-tac (press stick) on her walls.  A weird experience: did you ever feel worried that you were turning into your own parents?

brenda, davidm and holly are in Spain for the week. They left alex behind with dana. Well he spent the weekend with petite maman’s family.  I spoke to brenda before she left (on Saturday) and of course she asked me what the shocking news of Thursday 16 October was.  I didn’t have time to explain this yesterday, so here goes.

I have mentioned that dylan was busabouting in Europe. Well, he had a night of debauchery in Rome on Wednesday and overslept the next morning, thereby missing his bus. To catch up on his itinery he decided to catch the train to Florence that day, rather than spending extra time in Rome. He would have had to wait 2 days for the next bus.

To cut a long story short, he was robbed on the train: some thieves, whom he did not see, made off with his luggage. Fortunately he had his day-pack with him so didn’t lose his camera, passport, etc. However he lost all his toiletries, the clothes that he wasn’t wearing, his traveller’s cheques, some books, etc. On top of that, he had the hassle of getting to his campsite for the night, reporting the incident to the police, etc.  After some thought, dylan decided to return back to the UK (which he did on Friday evening).  At least this will give him more time to organise his trip to North America.

The Meanies

Posted by bigblue on 20/10/2003 at 09:16 PM
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Sunday, 19 October 2003
du rôti (l’agneau)

The London Eye

So yesterday we made it into London and caught Bea Arthur’s penultimate show at the Savoy Theatre. During the show she tells jokes, chats about her experiences in show business, and sings songs accompanied by her friend Billy Goldenburg. It is well worth seeing but, naturally, seeing it twice destroys some of the intimacy that she creates through the format of the show.  For example at the start of the show she gives a lamb recipe, and along the way she gives the appearance of just chatting away, sometimes suddenly remembering details. So you can lose a little ‘magic’ the second time round, when you see how perfectly repeated it is.

Bea appeared to be suffering from a cold, and used paper tissues from time to time during the performance. If I hadn’t read that she had been sick over the past couple of weeks and had cancelled some performances I would have thought this was also part of the act as she had the same relationship with the tissue box in Cape Town.  Apparently she is about 81, so doing the show every day must be quite a strain.

I was interested in whether there would be any ‘local flavour’ to the show in London.  At the show in Cape Town, Bea had spoken about how South Africa was the first country to legalise gay marriage - when mentioning that Canada proposes to be the third.  That was kind of a local touch.  In the London version, she made a joke about Loiners.  Basically she spoke about Maude, and mentioned the fact that it had never been shown in the UK.  Billy piped in

Didn’t they get it in Leeds?

to which Bea replied

It was broadcast in Leeds, but I don’t know if they got it.

Other than that she forgot to tell the story about Tony Curtis at drama school, but came back after the interval and acknowledged this and told the story.  This was not an obvious “fault” in the show, because it fitted in just as well there as anywhere.  bluemeanie reminded me after the show that she had also not mentioned the bit about her drama training covering strong Shakespearean roles.

bluemeanie criticised me for buying tickets for the matine�.  Fair enough - the atmosphere would probably have been better in the evening. 
The only other highlight of the outing was when bluemeanie and I found the dressing-room window where Zbornak had taken the picture of Bea.  It was closed.  Not that we wanted to spy on her (cough cough).

For most of yesterday I was trying to fix the girls’ desktop computer. It is still not running, despite the valiant efforts of pcfixer last night. Still we have a good idea of what the problem is now, and thankfully he was able to back up all stored work/documents.

Posted by bigblue on 19/10/2003 at 04:39 PM
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Friday, 17 October 2003
du rôti (demain)

Priory Farm mountain boarding

A few weeks ago (when it was still summery) we went to the Priory Farm, had a walk around and watched some heats of a national extreme board competition.

The sport of mountain boarding is described as a cross between skate boarding and snowboarding.  It is certainly not as fast as snowboarding, and a mountain board does not have the same manoeuvrability as a snowboard.  All in all, not quite the same appeal.

I have taken these pictures off a video I took, at one of the main jumps, but not on the main competition slope.

Tomorrow we are going to see Bea Arthur at The Savoy Theatre.  We three meanies went to see it in Cape Town in August at The Theatre on the Bay.  I’m looking forward to see if there are differences between the shows and with the CD, which bluemeanie (who else?) has.  One of the most interesting reviews of the show that I saw was at the blog Zbornak.  See here and here.  The last one has some pictures taken through the window of her dressing room, and some links to two good Bea blog posts.

This is what happened next
Priory Farm mountain boarding

Priory Farm mountain boarding

Priory Farm mountain boarding

Posted by bigblue on 17/10/2003 at 09:45 PM
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Thursday, 16 October 2003
bon anniversaire githan


Today was a day of shock, but I am not going to say anything about the bad news until tomorrow.  I need to hear the full story and establish exactly what has happened.  But do not be alarmed - everyone is safe and sound.

This evening I went roller-blading with anna-sofia. We also invited our house-mate aline to join us but she declined. She apparently had a run-in with mme wolff about having had a friend over on Tuesday night, and is now nursing her wounds.  We drove to Betchdorf, a charming Alsatian pottery-village and then roller-bladed 4,5 km along a piste cyclable through the fields to the village of Surbourg, and 4,6 km back.  (That is not a typo, but what the signs on each end of the piste indicate the relative distances to be!).  I appreciated them particularly this time, because there was a headwind on the return journey which made it seem longer than the outward one.  The piste is built on an old (forestry) railway line.  It was bitterly cold and windy, and we got back to my car just after sunset at 7pm.  A highlight was seeing a traditional sc�ne pastorale - shepherd, sheepdog and herd of sheep in a field.  A lowlight was hearing the continual boom-boom of les chasseurs.  The piste passes close to several miradors, but these were empty. The shots were being fired from further afield.

Today was my nephew githan’s 9th birthday.  It was good to speak to him this evening and hear his soft deep voice. 

bluemeanie, lil blue meanie, and I visited him and his family in August this year.  Although it was probably the coldest and wettest time to go it was good to connect with family and friends in Cape Town again. 

The following two pictures are “left-right” photos of githan. These pictures are produced by taking a picture (e.g. the one above) and splitting it in two - down the middle of the face.  You then have two pictures.  For each picture you create a mirror image of the half-face, using it to complete the face.  You end up with two complete faces, but one composed of two-left halves, and one composed of two-right halves.  Because of the beauty mark on his face, githan’s face is clearly asymetrical and you end up with two very different faces.  (Unfortunately the original picture is also of a ‘tilted’ head, so this also distorts both the “left-face” and “right-face” images in different ways). 

githan’s “left face”:


githan’s “right face”:


What is striking is how githan’s “left face” looks so much younger than his “right face” and (for those who know justin) how strikingly like his second-cousin githan’s “right face” looks!

The pictures come from our trip to Cape Town in August. The technique was shown to me by peter and eva.

Posted by bigblue on 16/10/2003 at 10:52 PM
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Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Samedi, il devient passionnant

Telstra Stadium

flank took this picture of the Telstra Stadium in Sydney (then known as “Stadium Australia”) on 29 June 2002, the night that Australia narrowly beat France.  This stadium is venue for a number of the RWC matches this month and next.

kirsten sent me a mail which suggested that what I need for this RWC is a bit of focus and suggesting that:

Saturday is going to be awesome, get yourself down to a pub to watch.  It is the most important pool game of the world cup.  Have a getaway planned though if things don’t go our way!!  I know what you mean about the easier games but they do provide some lovely running rugby when handling errors don’t get in the way.  The games against Samoa will be good and the other pools have some interesting games as well.  I am looking forward to watching Australia v Ireland the weekend after next (it is just after the SA v Samoa game).

That “getaway-strategy” sounds a bit ominous.  I had referred to the opening pool matches as the “mickey mouse” stage of the RWC, but kirsten has a point. The important action starts this Saturday, although I think the Ireland-Australia match will be a bit once sided - and only really exciting if you are there!  Today of course Fiji beat the USA 19-18, and that game was probably exciting, even if it was pretty irrelevant to the tournament as a whole.

The England vs South Africa match that kirsten mentioned kicks off at 20:00 local time, which is 13:00 UK time. Of course, as the match is being played in Perth, SA will have the home crowd advantage.

(kirsten and steve leave for Australia tomorrow).  Bon voyage!

Posted by bigblue on 15/10/2003 at 11:55 PM
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una fetta di pizza con il prosciutto affumicati e l’ananas per favore

White Stork of Alsace

These creatures, the white stork of Alsace nest on the chimney pots. In our winter, they fly south to North Africa, returning in spring when they deliver little babies to pregnant Alsatians. 

On the theme of voyages, I heard from dylan again today. You hear nothing in 5 days and then you get 3 emails in the space of an hour. Regarding my question the other day about the woman in a red rain coat he tells us:


He is having a ball. The pizza and ice-cream sound delicious, and he is telling us all kinds of interesting facts, such as:

that st peters is so big (biggest church in the world) that the next 28 biggest churches in the world could fit inside it!

and so much more. dylan is half-way through his European tour. Next up he is off to Switzerland and the Cote d’Azure.

Clarification: flank has pointed out that the significance about that story of the mercury in fish is that

after the first research on lead someone else came out and said that lead in fish was not too bad as it was in a different form.  This piece is a rejoinder to that.

flank had pointed me to another article about this issue back in April 2003.

Posted by bigblue on 15/10/2003 at 12:45 AM
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Monday, 13 October 2003
Peter idit vo sxkoluf

Peter and Sophie

This is a picture of my colleagues peter and sophie taken at le clou restaurant in Strasbourg earlier this year.

Today I have been thinking about peter quite a bit. He is now actually an ex-colleague, since he gave up the world of consulting at the end of last month, having decided to do something useful with his life.  First step: join a culte.

I learned lots of interesting things from peter during our 27-month working relationship, including Erich Fromme, the film Götterdammerung, fuel/motor alternatives such as Biodiesel and Elsbett.  We discussed why and how Father Christmas got his red robes in 1931. peter was the one who reassured me that the magnetic poles were going to flip over, not earth itself, which was naturally quite a relief.  He “introduced” me to his famous compatriot Danielapeter told us all who paid for the first Gulf War.  He introduced me to the delights of swimming in lakes in this region, to some local organic food shops and markets and to Slovio (the 2nd or 3rd most widely understood language in the world!). His partner eva introduced me to eurithmy and showed me how to write with my left and right feet!  I miss our many discussions on all the above, and more: peter and eva are now studying together at Dornuch in Switzerland, about 2 hours drive away from here (Haguenau).

St Jean's fire

Talking about cults, here’s a picture peter sent me some time ago of his friends celebrating St Jean’s fire back home (in Slovakia).

Au revoir!

Posted by bigblue on 13/10/2003 at 08:48 PM
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Sunday, 12 October 2003
le lit avec les draps satin

brass bed

This picture of dylan and bluemeanie enjoying beezie’s sumptuous bed was taken on 9 September, before dylan left on his busabout.  dylan was reading Our Generation while bluemeanie was reading The Age of Innocence.

Last night bluemeanie, lil blue meanie and I went to brenda and davidm’s for supper. It turns out davidm and alex were on Master Park yesterday when I took that photo.  davidm made a Thai green curry, and I made a fresh pesto. Interesting combination. At one stage we were discussing the Nobel Prize for literature that was awarded to JM Coetzee this week, and holly asked brenda:

Why do you always discuss things that I can’t talk about?

Why indeed?

This morning at church I noticed she was still wearing her fairy dress, and asked her if she had slept in it. She looked at me as if I was an idiot, and said

No, I put it on again this morning.

Tomorrow morning I leave Oxted at 4am for Stanstead Airport. This will get me to Baden-Baden by 9:15am, and to work by 10.  When travelling from the UK, Mondays are a long day.

Anyway I had a wonderful weekend with the girls while their mother was away in Wales.

Posted by bigblue on 12/10/2003 at 07:59 PM
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