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Saturday, 31 January 2004

The Golden Girls Corner: Betty White Week! Day 6


And here’s wishing you a Happy Day 6!

That picture Betty sent to me after I wrote her asking for an autograph for Granny Ruth for her Birthday. Betty also sent me a signed picture in reply to that, which reads “To Ch�, Many thanks for watching! All the best—Betty White”. I have another signed picture from joining her fan club, Bets’ Pets. That one says “To Ch�, Welcome to the Pets! Love, Betty White and Panda”

Today’s quote:

Rose: There’s something about her I dont like.
Blanche: Me too.
Rose: I think she’s rude.
Blanche: Me too.
Rose: She thinks I’m dumb.
Blanche: Me too.

Poor Rose!

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Friday, 30 January 2004

The Golden Girls Corner: Betty White Week! Day 5

Happy Day 5!

At 2am this morning I taped Bets on Larry King Live: Jack Paar Remembered. I watched a few hours ago, and it was so good! It was a wonderful, sensitive tribute to the late Jack Paar, who died age 85 on Tuesday. Betty, although already quite famous, was made into a mega-star by Jack Paar, who interviewed the likes of John Kennedy. As ever, Betty was sweet, and warm, and simply lovely!

Quote for today:

::enter Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia - Rose is singing::

“Three bottles of beer on the wall…three bottles of beer…you take one down and pass it around…two bottles of beer on the wall…well, I’m off to bed!”

Dorothy: (exploding) TWO BOTTLES OF BEER??? You get all the way to two bottles of beer and quit?!?!
Rose: (smiling) Just drives you crazy, doesn’t it Dorothy?

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Thursday, 29 January 2004

The Golden Girls Corner: Betty White Week! Day 4


Happy Day 4!

As ever, here’s a Betty quote for today. This is not (as is usual) taken from a Golden Girls episode, but from a fairly recent appearance on Hollywood Squares:

Tom Bergone: What animal is also known as a polecat or woodpussy?
Betty: [blank stare] Tom? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!

And that was at 81! Just goes to show—age doesn’t matter!

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Wednesday, 28 January 2004

The Golden Girls Corner: Betty White Week! Day 3

It’s day 3 of the Betty White week here. I hope you’ve all been thinking wonderful Betty thoughts the past few days!

Here’s our Betty quote for today. Betty says it has left her with a “cupcake memory”!:

Dorothy is trying to explain to Rose that Miles (Rose’s boyfriend) kissed her. She decides to use cupcakes as an example:

Dorothy: Look, Rose: say you make miles a batch of your cupcakes. And he loves these cupcakes more than life itself…
Rose: Miles does have a sweet tooth!
Dorothy: ...but then say someone else makes him cupcakes…say me for example….and he wants to try mine.
Rose: Oh dorothy, dont be silly NO ONE likes your cupcakes, their saggy and tasteless.
Dorothy: Rose, my cupcakes are moist and delicious. Men love my cupcakes.
Rose: Get a clue, Dorothy! Men would rather buy cupcakes than have yours!
Dorothy: Wait a sec…you think im really talking about cupcakes dont you?!
Rose: Yes! Hold on a minute…have you and miles been BAKING TOGETHER?!


It was Estelle Getty, ‘Sophia’ on The Golden Girls, who said:

“Betty White is Miss America!”

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Monday, 26 January 2004

The Golden Girls Corner: Betty White Week!

Happy Betty White Week, everyone!

Betty just turned 82 on Jan. 17th, and is still going strong. In 2003 she appeared in Bringing Down The House as this great racist b*tch! LOL, she was brilliant.

Here are some simple Rose quotes for today:

Sophia: I found my lucky handkerchief.
Rose: Where was it?
Sophia: It was in my bra.
Rose: What was it doing in your bra?
Sophia: It was blowing my breasts, Rose!

Betty White is always very defensive of Rose Nylund; whenever someone says Rose was “dumb”, Betty always goes: “She’s not dumb! She was terminally naive!”

Sophia: I need some advice, Rose.
Rose: And you are asking me?
Sophia: Frightening isn’t it?

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Sunday, 25 January 2004

Sunset Boulevard

According to Which Classic Movie Are You?, I am:


Today we’re going to Bluewater so I can get a coat, some sweaters and exchange a book.

I was meant to tape ‘Blonde: The Marilyn Monroe Story’ last night, but we watched Fawlty Towers, so I have to tape it today. Only problem is that we’re going to be out. I’ll go check the times. It’s like a film of her life, and it’s supposed to be quite good.

The Golden Girls Corner

I forgot to tape The Golden Girls this morning, so it’s 4.30am for me tomorrow!

Here’s a classic Sophia:

Rose: A penny for your thoughts, Sophia.
Sophia: You’re an idiot and that one’s on the house!

See you tomorrow for our Betty White Week!

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Saturday, 24 January 2004


Doesn’t it really annoy you when they get English actors to play foreign people (i.e. Hungarians) in BBC documenteries, and they’re going on in their English accents: “Blah blah blah BudapeSHt blah blah blah SHtalin blah blah Ssecret Police.” I mean, come on, lets have some consistancy!

I did that ‘What Famous Leader Are You’ test that Mark mentioned a while back, and I got Gandhi:

The Golden Girls Corner

The Betty White theme will start as of Monday, but for the meanwhile, here’s a little quote that just sums up Dorothy and Rose’s relationship:

Blanche: Dorothy, what kind of man would you have 2nd time around?
Dorothy: Somebody to grow old with….
Rose: You can do that by youself
Dorothy: I’m aware of that Rose!

Poor Rose; such a cute, child-like little thing! They do say ignorance is bliss!

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Friday, 23 January 2004

The Political Compass

Hi and Happy New Year! And a very special Happy Birthday to Ruth, who’s 13 today (as I’m sure you’ve gathered from Mark’s blog).

At the moment, I’m busy with running my campaign for the UK Youth Parliament, to which I will (hopefully!) be elected to the Surrey part. Voting takes place during the week of the 9th of Feb., and we’ll find out the results during the following week. On Jan. 31st I’ll be handing out pamphlets in front of Boots in the High Street, and the week of the 2nd I’m doing a week of assemblies in school.

The above image is where I stand on The Political Compass. I’m in between Gandhi and Nelson Mandela! I really recommend you take the test; it’s really good! The whole concept is that you can’t judge on just the line of Left or Right, but certain people are left authoritarian (such as Stalin) or right authoritarian (e.g. Hitler), whereas others are left libertarian (me!) or right libertarian (Friedman). The opposite to Hitler, therefore, is not Stalin, but me, or Nelson Mandela.

Today, the East Surrey MP, Peter Ainsworth, spoke to a group of us at school; it was very interesting. I’ve never encountered right-wing people before, lol (other than extremists), so it was enlightening, in some respects. He seems like a very normal person, and in many of his views, a lot like you or me, which was interesting. There were quite a few reporters there, so I’ll let you know when it appears in the paper. I’ll be appearing in the upcoming week, too (on something very different, but also political), so that should be good!

Anyway, enough of all that. Here’s our favourite feature:

The Golden Girls Corner!

I feel like a bit of an all-of-the-girls quote today, but as of next week, I’ve decided to do themes, and next week is the delegated Betty White Week (seeing as she just turned 82!), so tune in!

Rose: Dorothy, you’re the smart one, and Blanche, you’re the sexy one, and Sophia: you’re the old one . . . and I’m the nice one. Everybody always likes me!

I think that just about sums them up, don’t you?

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