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Wednesday, 18 January 2006



This one is for mart. Maybe he can tell us a little more about Pastafarianism.

This is ice-cream, by the way. With Strawberry sauce. Known as ‘Spaghettieis’ in Germany. They also had ‘Pizzaeis’. Gross what some people will eat, isn’t it?

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Saturday, 14 January 2006

Oh, that tickles!


This was taken at the snake park in Durban. At the moment it was taken, I was marveling at the softness and ticklish-ness of a snake. It actually feels very nice. I wouldn’t mind getting one, actually. But then you have to breed mice or rats, and it all gets rather messy…

And here’s another:


I don’t know why I have that expression on my face. I actually rather enjoyed it! So much so that - no, I’ll show you next time. It’s good, though!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2006



This was taken at Phezulu, while we were on holiday in Durban. This female croc is resting with her mouth open to keep cool. Someone should suggest resting in the shade.

On the subject of toothpaste, Clyde, my ride, seriously needs some. He looks all cute and fluffy with his winter fur, but his breath was a killer. Talking of killer, my bum is knackered today, but only light bruising, and I’ll be back in the swing of riding by next week! As for now, I’m sipping my Organic Earl Grey (thanks, bigblue) and enjoying the softness…

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Monday, 09 January 2006

La barba


I just wrote a wonderfully long post, but managed to delete it all accidentally…how frustrating!

To cut it all short, I’m back to school tomorrow, not done any homework (but have two free periods), and looking forward to riding tomorrow afternoon.

Since our return from South Africa, pinkie,

el barba

bigblue, and I have been to see Coram Boy (see last post). I thought it was excellent (albeit quite scary!), especially the use of music. Handel is a character in the play, and they use a lot of the music from his Messiah. Without giving anything away, at a particularly harrowing moment, they sing ‘Unto us a child is born’, but about an octave lower, and with certain notes held on or changed slightly to create a very effective eeriness.

On topic, I’ll say that the CIA once tried to poison Fidel Castro with spiked shaving cream, the above picture is from ToothpasteForDinner.com, and finally, from the Bard (!) himself (Much Ado About Nothing):

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.


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Saturday, 07 January 2006



I was very impressed with the presentation at that nice little tea/cake shop in Tecklenburg, so I even took a picture of my tea! Oh well, it goes with yesterday’s theme.

I do love a cuppa tea, me. Each morning that I am at school, I have a cup (or two) of Earl Grey. I even wrote a poem called ‘Earl Grey’ (it was on a theme, honest - not just random. Heaney wrote one on Sloe Gin, so there!). Mmmm…

Maybe I will share it some time.

Tonight we go and see Coram Boy at the National Theatre. It was part of my Christmas present to bigblue and pinkie.

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Friday, 06 January 2006



This is an unusually-shaped teapot in Tecklenburg, Germany. As you can see, not easy to pour from, although I am sure that it was merely our inexperience that caused the raspberry tea stains on the rather white table!

In case you are wondering why the old photographs (although I’m sure you wouldn’t be, because they are very interesting!), it is because I have not found my camera since our trip. Maybe time to unpack?

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Thursday, 05 January 2006

I can’t believe I’ve not posted this one yet…


This I found whilst on tour in Germany in October. I think it’s great! (OK, so someone did have to explain the logo…but I saw it after that!)

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Wednesday, 04 January 2006

Back home


We are back, although I haven’t been feeling well for a few days. This may be due to the soft-tissue infection I got from some kind of insect bites, or the deep bruising I got from said bites, although these are gone now. On the other hand, it may just be catching up with sleep, and finally getting that sore throat that has been threatening for a few months!

But on to brighter things. Our holiday was fantastic, and above you can see a picture of rebeckels, my cousin, who is a Junior Springbok for rhythmic gymnastics. She was recently in Namibia, representing South Africa. She helped give us a great time in Durbs.

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Sunday, 01 January 2006

The eve


That ole tunnel of life…makesha think, dunnit?

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