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Tuesday, 25 April 2006

the neutral


The reason for my pretty sparse posting (ok, non-existent posting) over the past week is that I’ve been very ill! I woke up at 4.30am last Wednesday with a fever, sore throat, and achy limbs, but went to school anyway, and got sent home by the aptlly named ‘Med Centre’. But I’m back now, busy missing Riding, and doing my Theatre Arts homework in the library. Well.

I am actually working, doing some research on “the neutral” mask. At present we are making our own masks, having moulded our faces, (which the meanies did at home as well) and then filled these moulds with plaster of paris to make our faces, upon which we could make masks. Why we didn’t just make the masks using our faces I don’t know!

LeCoq, creator of “the neutral”, is renowned for saying that

There are three masks:
The one we think we are,
The one we really are,
And the one we have in common.

We like deep thinking like that in the theeah-tah, dahling.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Chocolate withdrawal

At the gym today I burnt off over half of the calories in my Easter egg. Seeing as I’ve not yet eaten the whole thing, this is not too bad. And hopefully it has sped up my metabolism for when I eat the rest of it. I’m quite proud of myself, really.

Actually, I’ve had more than just the one egg; I got a Creme Egg in church, some mini fruity ones from my friend emma, and then the two I’ve not had yet are a giant Mini Egg egg, and some posh-looking Antony Worrall Thompson ones from abi. I also made an Easter egg cake, which was a chocolate sponge with melted chocolate icing, a nest made of Flake with Mini Eggs inside of it. It was quite nice. There’s still a slice left, actually, and my metabolism is at its fastest when I’ve just been to the gym…

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Thursday, 13 April 2006

And I LOVE a Ca…ba-aret!


This picture was taken by janneke during my, ahem, rehearsal for the annual South East Region “Talent” Show, at our region’s UKYP training residential. The talent show tends to be the highlight of the three-day residential, which I co-organised this March.

Of course, the new Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) and their Deputies (DMYPs) worked very hard, and decided that the regional campaign this year will be based around sexual health. So anyone in the South East can look forward to a planned ‘Condom Day’ this summer. As soon as I have any news, it will be up here, as our region’s web page hasn’t been updated since July. I’ll bring it up next meeting.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2006

+ lembrança do senhor do bonfim da bahia +


Since early November I’ve been wearing one of the above wristbands (in green and yellow), which was a present from Brazil. It says “lembran�a do senhor do bonfim da bahia”, which means “Souvenir of Our Lord of a Good End of Bahia”. Senhor do Bonfim is apparently one of the names used for Jesus. Bahia is a region in Brazil.

Anyway, the idea is that you tie three knots when you put the band on, and for each knot you make a wish. Then you wait for it to fall off, you throw it in the sea, and your wishes are granted! As I said, I’ve had mine on since November, just waiting for it to fall off; when it was given to me, I was told that they stay on for up to a year. Mine’s fading already, and a bit tatty in places (I think it’s because I wash so regularly). It’s getting pretty annoying, though.

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Monday, 10 April 2006

Journalist Extraordinaire


I have decided that to make my blog more interesting, I will do an ‘Extraordinaire’ interview each month (yes, I came up with that name myself!). So, today, I became a journalist extraordinare and interviewed…a journalist extraordinaire! She is Alice from well known broadsheet The Guardian. She interviewed me today about the UK Youth Parliament and education, so I did my own mini-interview (very subtly) at the end. She was very nice.

BM: So, Alice, what made you decide to become a jounalist?
Alice: I loved writing, although at 21 it’s scary thinking of being a writer.
BM: Interesting. Did you always know you wanted to be a journalist?
A: No, I didn’t, but at university I was on the student paper. It’s excellent training, I would definitely recommend it.
BM: Hmmm. Where did you go to university then?
A: I was a Oxford. Queen’s. I studied History, actually.
BM: Right. Queen’s has a thing with Lincoln and Trinity, doesn’t it?
A: I think so. It’s been a while, haha! My ex-boyfriend went to Lincoln. He lived in the same village as you, actually. Lincoln was very nice. Magdalen was more public school. (note - that is where Tony Blair went)
BM: I see. So back to journalism: what do you enjoy about your job?
A: As I said, it can be scary going into a career as a writer, so it’s a luxury really to do your hobby as your job.
BM: Thanks, Alice. And we’ll be back next week with more…extraordinaire.

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Sunday, 09 April 2006

Life’s more annoying moments

One of life's more annoying moments

I know, I’ve not blogged in a very long time. I’ve wanted to, and thought of doing so every Tuesday that I’ve been out riding, but for some reason I’ve not got around to it. Part of the reason is that I can’t find the lead to upload photos, and I’ve got some good ones (and good topics) from the The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Conference that I went on with all the other cool kids. Another reason is that the computer offers me far too many distractions (see above) these days, and the time comes when I just have to do those essays instead of blogging. Joy of joys, I am now on holiday! So that leaves me more time to find that lead, blog, and, of course, improve my (or rather, my clever pseudonom, ‘The Master’) top score on Minesweeper.

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