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Saturday, 29 October 2005

York Minster


This picture was taken from a bus in York when I was at the University for Summer School two summers ago. It was interesting because as I took the pictures, the Minster would then appear with this unearthly glow on my camera screen!

In York, there are signs up all over the place about Guy Fawkes. “Guy Fawkes was baptised here!”, “Guy Fawkes stayed at this B&B for a week!”, “Guy Fawkes got p****d at our pub!” they proclaim.


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Sunday, 23 October 2005

Invicta veritas


I’ve decided to reopen my blog again, seing as bigblue has been stealing  all of my good ideas. Luckily I haven’t shared all of them with him, so there are a few up my sleeve.

My latest photos aren’t updated from the main computer to the laptop, so this one is a sunset that I took under a year ago in Leysin, Swizerland. I believe it was just after Christmas 2004, so it’s a winter sunset. That’s just about two months to go, then! The weather photos I have coming up from about a month ago aren’t nearly so summery…

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