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Friday, 05 May 2006

Guarding your life


Today’s Extraordinaire interview is with chaz, a local lifeguard.

BM: At what point did you decide to become a lifeguard?
C: When I found how much they get paid in comparison to where I was, in the caf�
BM: I see, so no heroic tendancies?
C: Well, lifeguards become heroes, don’t they?
BM: Depends. Have you ever saved someone?
C: I threw a rope in for a boy once.
BM: Once?
C: We’re very busy around Easter time, so there was that one time. All holidays, actually, and weekends. I haven’t been doing this very long, though.
BM: Right. Have you ever had to do anything else?
C: I like to think I’m more in the business of preventing accidents rather than saving people from them. I blow my whistle a lot.
BM: Especially on weekends and during the holidays?
C: Yes.
BM: Do you have to wear a red swimming costume?
C: Everyone always asks that! I used to have a blue uniform - shorts and T-shirt - but now it’s changed to yellow and green. So no, I don’t
BM: Doesn’t a uniform like that weigh you down if you have to jump in, thus slowing down the whole process of saving someone?
C: As I say, I just threw in a rope once…
BM: Ah, yes, of course. Easter.
C: Yes, that’s right! We get very busy at that time. Any hol—
BM: I’m sure you do.

Thanks for that, chaz. I know I feel safer going swimming knowing you’re around to throw in the rope!

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Monday, 10 April 2006

Journalist Extraordinaire


I have decided that to make my blog more interesting, I will do an ‘Extraordinaire’ interview each month (yes, I came up with that name myself!). So, today, I became a journalist extraordinare and interviewed…a journalist extraordinaire! She is Alice from well known broadsheet The Guardian. She interviewed me today about the UK Youth Parliament and education, so I did my own mini-interview (very subtly) at the end. She was very nice.

BM: So, Alice, what made you decide to become a jounalist?
Alice: I loved writing, although at 21 it’s scary thinking of being a writer.
BM: Interesting. Did you always know you wanted to be a journalist?
A: No, I didn’t, but at university I was on the student paper. It’s excellent training, I would definitely recommend it.
BM: Hmmm. Where did you go to university then?
A: I was a Oxford. Queen’s. I studied History, actually.
BM: Right. Queen’s has a thing with Lincoln and Trinity, doesn’t it?
A: I think so. It’s been a while, haha! My ex-boyfriend went to Lincoln. He lived in the same village as you, actually. Lincoln was very nice. Magdalen was more public school. (note - that is where Tony Blair went)
BM: I see. So back to journalism: what do you enjoy about your job?
A: As I said, it can be scary going into a career as a writer, so it’s a luxury really to do your hobby as your job.
BM: Thanks, Alice. And we’ll be back next week with more…extraordinaire.

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