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Friday, 04 November 2005

The train


To continue with the USSR theme, I thought I’d tell a joke told in what were the Satellite States when they were the Satellite States, but near the end in the late 80s. I think it’s really funny, but we’ll see.

Stalin, Gorbachev and Brezhnev are itogether n a train carriage, the train travelling the Trans-Siberian Railway. The train shudders, and stops, and the three premiers sit, waiting. After five minutes of sitting there, Stalin explodes. “I’m going to get this train moving,” he says, storming out of the carriage. After another five minutes, he returns; “right, that’s sorted. I’ve had the driver shot.” Gorbachev rolls his eyes at Brezhnev, and they sit, not moving, for another five minutes. Then Gorbachev rises, and exits the carriage. When he returns, he explains, “the train will begin moving. I have ressucitated the driver.” Still, they sit, and the train remains stationary. Finally, Brezhnev rises. He walks to the windows, and draws the blinds, plunging the carriage into such darkness that absolutely nothing is visible to the three men. He sits. “There,” he says, “we are moving.”

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Sunday, 30 October 2005

Arr, matey!


pinkie has spent the week in Smisby with bigblue, and I realised that she will probably have seen our friend chris in Nottingham while she was there. When chris left us poor souls in Surrey and moved off to Nottingham University two summers ago, we threw him a pirate-themed party at our house! I made all sorts of piratey food, such as pirate-ship tuna rolls with a tomato mast, corny (that’s sweetcorny) cheese rowboats, pirate-faced biscuits, pinwheel sandwiches…ok, so that one doesn’t quite fit in with the theme. I also decorated a tresure chest cake, as seen above. We miss chris, although we see him in his (far too) long holidays. chris is studying Music, and plays percussion and the trombone.

This is the last of the automated posts, as I arrive back from Germany today.

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Thursday, 27 October 2005



Look at her! Such a cute little puppy! So sweet, going through the bonding process so young…
That’s amber she’s holding, and this photo was taken when pinkie and I went to visit lucie with our mother and grandmother in April (amber is lucie’s pedigree lab). The day that we spent there at Manor Farm, amber had our complete attention and devotion, running around through the forest and then settling to sleep in our arms. Aaah!

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Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Foggy day


I walked to the bus on European No Car Day, and took this photo of Master Park at about 0720. It was very, very foggy, and the reader in the bus said that it was 7 degrees Celsius. Walking home at 1715, I got this shot:


I didn’t realise that there was a fairground up, but apparently it had been for a few days!

It’s less foggy in Oxted these days, although it’s really beautiful riding up in the bus to Sevenoaks and looking down on the fog.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2005

British Psycho (2005)


The en suite shower door crashed down about two months ago, filling the room with glass. Although the glass is gone, the room is hardly ever used. Peeking in there recently, I noticed the shower head, obviously struck down by a psychotic shower-killer. A closer look told me that the shower head had lost enough fluid for me to pronounce it ‘probably dead’:


How long the poor thing had been lying there, leaking from the head, I do not know. Pondering this, I left the case for a more competent investigator. This was just way out of my league.

Today I left for Ibbenburen, Germany (near Munster), having to arrive in Sevenoaks at 0720hrs. I will be taking Moli�re’s ‘Hypochondriac’ on tour with Sevenoaks School, arriving back on Sunday. This post, and others, will be automatically activated while I am away.

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