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And I LOVE a Ca…ba-aret!


This picture was taken by janneke during my, ahem, rehearsal for the annual South East Region “Talent” Show, at our region’s UKYP training residential. The talent show tends to be the highlight of the three-day residential, which I co-organised this March.

Of course, the new Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) and their Deputies (DMYPs) worked very hard, and decided that the regional campaign this year will be based around sexual health. So anyone in the South East can look forward to a planned ‘Condom Day’ this summer. As soon as I have any news, it will be up here, as our region’s web page hasn’t been updated since July. I’ll bring it up next meeting.

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Are you an MYP then?

No, I was a DMYP my first year, then an MYP, but last November I was elected to the national Procedures Group, which is more involved with organisation and admin. There are two PG reps per region, and we organise regional residentials, the entire UKYP Annual Sitting, events, etc. We also support the MYPs and DMYPs in our region. It’s quite fun.






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