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Arr, matey!


pinkie has spent the week in Smisby with bigblue, and I realised that she will probably have seen our friend chris in Nottingham while she was there. When chris left us poor souls in Surrey and moved off to Nottingham University two summers ago, we threw him a pirate-themed party at our house! I made all sorts of piratey food, such as pirate-ship tuna rolls with a tomato mast, corny (that’s sweetcorny) cheese rowboats, pirate-faced biscuits, pinwheel sandwiches…ok, so that one doesn’t quite fit in with the theme. I also decorated a tresure chest cake, as seen above. We miss chris, although we see him in his (far too) long holidays. chris is studying Music, and plays percussion and the trombone.

This is the last of the automated posts, as I arrive back from Germany today.

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I heard a wonderful quote on the radio the other day.  Two food critics were chatting.  One, from Canada, mentioned that there are about 50,000 cook books in print this year.  The other, from India, says there are hardly any cook books in India.

“Why is that?”

“Indians are too busy cooking to read cook books.

“We don’t buy prepared food much: all our food is social.  If at dinner you like a dish then the host writes the recipe down and you take that home.”






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