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At the back of the ride


The reason I wanted to take pictures of Autumn with bigblue is that each Tuesday I go riding in these pictures. Today, Clyde (my ride) was a little more reluctant than last week, although he was keen enough to gallop when he wanted to overtake Bonnie, who was in front of us!

Since we’ve been back from our half term break, the rides have been very autumny, with much more galloping (we only really trotted and cantered before) through the spindly forest paths - watch out for that branch! And those, over there! And that o—ouch! But I’ve remained on the saddle, and scratch-free *touches wood*. It is getting much colder and darker now, as we ride from about 14.30-16.00, so my ski jacket and riding gloves are out; although my jacket got very muddy today from all the splashing!

It’s getting dark early now. On the way home from school at about 16.45, we got a beautiful sunset from the bus.

I phoned bigblue tonight to say bon voyage. I’m sure he’ll have a great time in Dubai, although we’ll miss him here.

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It was good to speak to you last night. You have my itinery, so I’ll text you when we get back from sundowners and you can try to call.






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