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Biting, stalling, and Roxy


For some reason the blog wasn’t working yesterday, but I will continue with the story of my ride on Tuesday.

Normally, Clyde and I ride behind Bonnie; on Tuesday, however, someone from our group was ill, and we rode behind Roxy. It should be mentioned that Roxy seems to dislike Clyde; we cannot stand near her, as she gets all upset, and she gave several warning kicks when she felt we got too close during the ride—it’s not our fault she’s slow! I have heard Clyde refered to as “the biter” by people who know the stables; I’ve never seen this to be true, although I’m not sure if he did steal a few friendly nibbles from Roxy’s bottom on the hack. At one point, she stopped still, turned around and positively glared at Clyde before trotting on to catch up. She was constantly trotting up to William, as well. Honestly!

Clyde is perfectly friendly with the other horses and ponies. He and William shared a few horse-kisses while we were stopping on Tuesday, and none of the others seem to have a problem with him! So I guess it must just lie with Roxy.

During our ride we had a rather nice canter (on more solid ground - it was a bit uncomfortable when the ground was muddy or too leafy) through an avenue of the above tree, although I couldn’t notice the orange stuff (see bigblue’s entry) and we were going quite fast. There was also another hilly area in the forest, which was nice, too. Put me in mind for a mountain trek in Lesotho.

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