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More riding today - it was lots of fun, as usual. We went very quickly, and had a lot of cantering and quite a few gallops, even. I love galloping; it is very smooth, as at such a fast pace there is hardly any bouncing. It is actually almost a bit like a seated trot in that sense.

It was a very eventful ride: Flash lost her saddle, and while we stopped, I let Clyde onto the outside lawn of a country house (at least that bit belongs to the Council!), accidentally, and somehow we ended up in front of Roxy, around the middle of the ride. Needless to say, there was trouble; the next time we were cantering along, I felt a jerk, and nearly went over Clyde’s head - he had bucked at Roxy! Next time we stopped, I got him to the back where we’re comfortable. At least that way we go quickly, because he doesn’t like to be left behind!

Today I got a scratch from some holly while we were cantering through a rather narrow forest path. Yesterday was Holly’s birthday.

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