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Burying the past


The above is a memorial in Prague, for students who lost their lives in the 1968 conflicts with the Soviet Union.

Debate has arisen in Russia over whether to bury Lenin, who has been lying, embalmed, in Moscow’s Red Square since his death in 1924. I won’t post the photo, in case anyone doesn’t like seeing dead bodies.

In 2001, Putin said,

Many people connect their own lives with the name of Lenin. Burying Lenin would mean ... that they had lived in vain.

But it seems that now, with his aides claiming that

Russians are not Egyptians

things may be changing.

What do you think?

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I am not sure why (to them) “burying Lenin would mean that they had lived in vain”.  Pilgrims could still flock to his grave, if they so wished.

They could always agree on a compromise: cremation.

Well I know that Gorbachev has said that Lenin should be buried at some point, but that he thinks that the time is not yet right. It seems that he hasn’t changed!






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