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Chocolate withdrawal

At the gym today I burnt off over half of the calories in my Easter egg. Seeing as I’ve not yet eaten the whole thing, this is not too bad. And hopefully it has sped up my metabolism for when I eat the rest of it. I’m quite proud of myself, really.

Actually, I’ve had more than just the one egg; I got a Creme Egg in church, some mini fruity ones from my friend emma, and then the two I’ve not had yet are a giant Mini Egg egg, and some posh-looking Antony Worrall Thompson ones from abi. I also made an Easter egg cake, which was a chocolate sponge with melted chocolate icing, a nest made of Flake with Mini Eggs inside of it. It was quite nice. There’s still a slice left, actually, and my metabolism is at its fastest when I’ve just been to the gym…

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