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“Exeat” is the name for the one weekend per half term where we have a two day weekend; i.e. no Saturday school.

This exeat, I was at the British Museum doing a pre-event for Circles of Influence. I am one of the three MYPs in the Inner Circle for Citizenship and Education. It was actually a really good day, albeit long, and I got to have a chance to look a bit at the museum. Part of the reason we are holding it there is because of the Throne of Weapons, which the UKYP is very interested in, and which will be displayed at the event on the 14th December. In true UKYP style, the day began with an ice-breaker which involved building an as-large-as-you-can phallic object. Unlike above, where the structure was made with balloons, this one involved newspaper. The group of boys built the highest free-standing tower. Typical, eh?

After the day at the museum, I met a Japanese reporter who interviewed me about politics and the UK, and took some photos for the magazine. Apparently I am a typical British young person, and this is why I am the face of young Britain for Japan. I did mention that I am South African!

bigblue arrives back in the UK tomorrow evening from Dubai. It sounds like he has had an amazing time; it’ll be good to have him back here though.

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