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Riding today was wonderful. It was slower than usual - and slow cantering, especially in the mud, isn’t too comfortable - but it meant that we did a lot of trotting on the road, which I enjoy, and that most of the time we were in the forest we cantered. Today Clyde and I were behind Roxy…but that, perhaps, is a story for tomorrow!

We took a different route today, with lots of tall trees (always a good thing!), and leaves carpeting the ground. In places it was quite muddy, but there was also a lot of hard ground. Despite the heavy exercising, Clyde was in a pretty good mood; I’m pleased, because he was in a complete huff when I left last week, and had his ears flat against his head when I arrived today! He made one whopper of a wee today while we were standing still in the forest! It was so disgusting.

bigblue arrived back from Dubai tonight. It sounds like he had a really great time, but now he has to go back to work! I’m looking forward to hearing more tomorrow.

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