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La barba


I just wrote a wonderfully long post, but managed to delete it all accidentally…how frustrating!

To cut it all short, I’m back to school tomorrow, not done any homework (but have two free periods), and looking forward to riding tomorrow afternoon.

Since our return from South Africa, pinkie,

el barba

bigblue, and I have been to see Coram Boy (see last post). I thought it was excellent (albeit quite scary!), especially the use of music. Handel is a character in the play, and they use a lot of the music from his Messiah. Without giving anything away, at a particularly harrowing moment, they sing ‘Unto us a child is born’, but about an octave lower, and with certain notes held on or changed slightly to create a very effective eeriness.

On topic, I’ll say that the CIA once tried to poison Fidel Castro with spiked shaving cream, the above picture is from ToothpasteForDinner.com, and finally, from the Bard (!) himself (Much Ado About Nothing):

He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.


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Much Ado About Nothing was one of of his comedies wasn’t it.

He tried! Of course, being the bard, a “comedy” is just one where no-one dies.






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