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+ lembrança do senhor do bonfim da bahia +


Since early November I’ve been wearing one of the above wristbands (in green and yellow), which was a present from Brazil. It says “lembran�a do senhor do bonfim da bahia”, which means “Souvenir of Our Lord of a Good End of Bahia”. Senhor do Bonfim is apparently one of the names used for Jesus. Bahia is a region in Brazil.

Anyway, the idea is that you tie three knots when you put the band on, and for each knot you make a wish. Then you wait for it to fall off, you throw it in the sea, and your wishes are granted! As I said, I’ve had mine on since November, just waiting for it to fall off; when it was given to me, I was told that they stay on for up to a year. Mine’s fading already, and a bit tatty in places (I think it’s because I wash so regularly). It’s getting pretty annoying, though.

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If you were to take it off, or break it deliberately, would that be bad luck or would you just lose the opportunity to make a wish?

Well it’s not like a chain letter, so you don’t get bad luck, your wishes don’t come true. I realised something about wishes, actually: we never wish for when we want the wish fulfilled by (at least I don’t); so by wishing for an end to world hunger, you don’t actually know if it comes true if it comes true after you are dead, if you know what I mean. I think I’ll start including a use-by date.

Can anyone tell me where you get these bands from??? I am in the UK and woke up the other morning with one of these around my wrist.. I would love to get more if possible. Can anyone help me out???

Ha, ha!
(“woke up the other morning with one of these around my wrist”)

Scarlett got hers from a friend at school. Scarlett is going to Brazil on 18 August, so I think she may bring some back with her… Let’s see what she says.

well if Scarlett could bring me some back it would be greatly appreciated. Get them on ebay smile

Buy your wristbands on EBay!

I think everyone should have one.

rofl to it getting annoying wink I was just thinking that but I guess it enforces the idea that your dreams take long time to develop and mature.. my buddy at this [deleted] site said it took him 2 years for his dream…so one isn’t too bad wink ; hope all yours come true when the time is right.

I have deleted a comment by Adema for constituting a gratuitous link to a gaming website.

I never knew that bands has these much stories in it. Anyways great and interesting post.






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