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My New Blog

Today I got a new blog. This is it.

At the moment I’m doing a World AIDS Day campaign for school. I was in touch with a guy from the Terrence Higgins Trust who promised me campaign info, but he never sent it. After doing a bit of digging, I’ve managed to find an e-mail for someone who deals with the red ribbons, so I’m emailing him/her now.

Damn, I sent the e-mail to Mark Longbottom, the address they gave me, but insted I got an auto-reply saying my e-mail had been forwarded to the guy I was in touch with before! How embarrassing!

lil blue meanie went to a Jazz Jam session today. Later, bigblue, cathy-mae and myself watched her play at a mini-concert. I didn’t do the Jazz Jam as this is my only free Sunday in November due to Cabaret rehersals. I did attend the last Jazz Jam, which lil blue meanie didn’t.

Managed to do a bit of catching up on the forums at Sam’s site. It’s so great to have an up-and-running computer again; after a few days of being off the net I was suffering withdrawl symptoms! But it’s great to be back and catch up with all my friends there.

Back to school tomorrow! I can’t believe a whole week of half-term has passed so quickly! My bag isn’t packed, and I haven’t done all my homework, so it’s fair to say I’m ready to return to normal school life, lol! Today I received a ‘phone call from my ex-school music teacher, who also runs the sax. group, to ask me to bring my sax to school tomorrow, as we’ve been asked to play in a week of assemblies. We’re going to be playing ‘What a Wonderful World’ in which I have the solo part, so I don’t know what I’m going to do since I haven’t played Alto Saxaphone in yonks! Maybe I’ll sing it…

The Golden Girls
Today saw the return of The Golden Girls to LivingTV after a bit of a gap in which they showed The Golden Palace. The Pilot Episode was shown, and I must admit it was great to see those opening credits again. Joni Mitchell is so wrong: in fact, you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone and then comes back. Welcome back, girls!

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I know that it can be embarassing when the wrong person gets an email. But hopefully this guy at THT will also be embarrassed for not replying to your earlier mail!

And h?!  Welcome to the bluemeanie blogs!






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