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Oh, that tickles!


This was taken at the snake park in Durban. At the moment it was taken, I was marveling at the softness and ticklish-ness of a snake. It actually feels very nice. I wouldn’t mind getting one, actually. But then you have to breed mice or rats, and it all gets rather messy…

And here’s another:


I don’t know why I have that expression on my face. I actually rather enjoyed it! So much so that - no, I’ll show you next time. It’s good, though!

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Hey I didn’t realise your family have a website! I really enjoyed Saturday, although doesn’t look like you check this very often so you probably have no idea what I’m whittering about. I mean your birthday murder mystery extraveganza! Anyway must be off, revision calling (i wish it would shut up). Love guess who…..






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