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This one is for mart. Maybe he can tell us a little more about Pastafarianism.

This is ice-cream, by the way. With Strawberry sauce. Known as ‘Spaghettieis’ in Germany. They also had ‘Pizzaeis’. Gross what some people will eat, isn’t it?

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It’s sort of lucky I use Bloglines to organise all the blogs I look at, as it shows all the blogs posted to a site rather than just the ones on the main page. Anyhoo, on a related subject to Pastafarianism and the (comparatively) plausible Flying Spaghetti Monster, there was an interesting program on Channel 4 a couple of days ago presented by a hero of mine Richard Dawkins on faith. On a different topic completely - when I was first in Germanys I had a problem with eggs and ice cream - go figure!






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