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The Golden Girls Corner: Betty White Week! Day 6


And here’s wishing you a Happy Day 6!

That picture Betty sent to me after I wrote her asking for an autograph for Granny Ruth for her Birthday. Betty also sent me a signed picture in reply to that, which reads “To Ch�, Many thanks for watching! All the best—Betty White”. I have another signed picture from joining her fan club, Bets’ Pets. That one says “To Ch�, Welcome to the Pets! Love, Betty White and Panda”

Today’s quote:

Rose: There’s something about her I dont like.
Blanche: Me too.
Rose: I think she’s rude.
Blanche: Me too.
Rose: She thinks I’m dumb.
Blanche: Me too.

Poor Rose!

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Rose cuts me up every time.

Dorothy: It’s not a fly, Rose.
Rose: Spanish fly is not a fly?
Dorothy: No.
Rose: What is it?
Dorothy: It?s a beetle.
Rose: They call it a fly but it?s really a beetle?
Dorothy: Yes.
Rose: How do they know it?s Spanish?
Dorothy: Beause it wears a little sombrero Rose!






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