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The Golden Girls Corner: Thanks for the Medicare…

Please lets have some feed-back on last week’s Betty White Week, so I know whether to make it a regular thing in my blog. Next week can be another star/supporting actor’s week, and you can all decide!

I love Sophia’s ‘Thanks For The Medicare’. You can listen to it on this site

There was a really good episode on LivingTV on the weekend, where Blanche and Rose are watching an ‘I Love Lucy’ marathon. Rose has never seen it before.

Rose: Do you want to join us, Dorothy? We’re watching ‘I Like Lucy’
Blanche: Ih Luhrve Luceh
Rose: Well I’ve never seen it before, I just like it!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this:

“Thaaaaaaaaanks for the Medicare;
For ‘blue cross’ and ‘blue shield’.
For a hip that finally healed,
Remember on prescriptions:
Generics is a steal!
We thaank you…so much!”

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I’ve enjoyed the Betty White week! Who’s next?

LOL, Maude’s name is Dorothy (the same actress played Maude on Maude a few years earlier). I need some suggestions for a theme for next week, peeps, so who do you want to see? Perhaps Mark’s extra-special-thinks-she’s-so-sexy Dorothy? wink

Oh please!  As if anyone is going to believe you. (He says with hope!!)

I have thought about this a bit more, and would like to add. You can’t prove it, and even if you could I deny it!






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