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the neutral


The reason for my pretty sparse posting (ok, non-existent posting) over the past week is that I’ve been very ill! I woke up at 4.30am last Wednesday with a fever, sore throat, and achy limbs, but went to school anyway, and got sent home by the aptlly named ‘Med Centre’. But I’m back now, busy missing Riding, and doing my Theatre Arts homework in the library. Well.

I am actually working, doing some research on “the neutral” mask. At present we are making our own masks, having moulded our faces, (which the meanies did at home as well) and then filled these moulds with plaster of paris to make our faces, upon which we could make masks. Why we didn’t just make the masks using our faces I don’t know!

LeCoq, creator of “the neutral”, is renowned for saying that

There are three masks:
The one we think we are,
The one we really are,
And the one we have in common.

We like deep thinking like that in the theeah-tah, dahling.

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