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We are the Dead


The German cemetory, Ypres.

In contrast to the Commonwealth cemetories, this is dark, with dark gravestones and mass graves. As the defeated, the Germans were given only a small amount of space in which to bury their dead, and with the vast numbers of dead, mass graves resulted.

Antigone strove for both of her brothers to receive full burial rites.

When Hitler heard that Belgium had been conquered, he drove directly here.

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Here’s an interesting article on Massacre of the Innocents. The fourth page (“Exploiting the Legend”) has a bit about the cemetery.

Today at 11.00, during our break, a bell was supposed to sound and we would have two minutes’ silence. It didn’t sound, but I was in Sixth Form Coffee, which is pretty loud as there are 150+ students in there a day, and at 11.01 someone said “sssh” and we had a silence. The kitchen staff saw, and they had a silence, too.






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