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Who ever said my life was boring?


Well, who ever said my life was boring? steve can feel very proud of himself, as this is really his inspiration. He explained to me on Saturday how money doesn’t have to be bad, and actually it can help people, so… I’m investing my money in a week-long trip to Brazil, where I can help a local community in Salvador (remember the Bonfim wrist-bands?) This is all through Cross-Cultural Solutions, a bit like the Peace Corps. Normally they only accept volunteers over 18, but 16 and 17 year-olds can apply, and we have to fill in a special application to prove we’re mature, etc. Anyway, I just had my Application for Minors accepted! Yay! So now I need to enrol, pay, buy my air ticket, and fundraise! My stint there will start on the 20th August. I finally feel like I’ll be doing something with my summer. Thanks for the advice, steve.

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