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Wednesday, 21 June 2006



Well, my life is getting interesting again; on the other hand, I’m bored enough to start writing my blog again. Actually, I’m just procrastinating: I have several pieces of coursework due in before the end of term, and I can’t be bothered to do them.

This evening I helped out at the judging of a poetry cometition at school. It was organised by the head of the English Department, Dr. Greenhalgh (buy his books here
!), and apparently 400 poems were sent in. He then “longlisted” twenty poems per age group (Under 11, and Under 13), and another teacher shortlisted 10 from this. These students, from local-ish prep and primary schools, came and read their poems, which had already been judged by Hugo Williams (don’t worry, no blatant advertising this time, although I did think his poems were fantastic!). After Hugo had announced the winners, he read some of his own poetry, which was really enjoyable. He is an excellent poet, winner of the Queen’s Gold Medal and the T.S. Elliot Award. He has his “roots” in acting, so it wasn’t one of those boring geeky readings.

I’ve been attending Dr. Greenhalgh’s Creative Writing group this year, so it was nice to stumble across his critique of other people’s poems! The exercise described there is one of the first things we did. This Friday, renouned poet Simon Armitage is reading some of his poetry to us at school, and he is doing a workshop just beforehand with about twelve of us. I’m really looking forward to it, actually - so maybe my life is getting interesting, after all!

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