“I am he as you are he

as you are me and we are all together

See how they run like pigs from a gun

see how they fly

I'm crying”

Some site problems

Some of the scripts have recently been updated and you might be coming to this page in error…. We are working on the problem. In the meantime please follow the links from this page to the content you were looking for, or go to the search page (see links on the right and below).

Posted by bigblue on 06/06/09 at 09:02 AM

Some minor updates

I haven’t posted a site update here for some time, so I thought I would just mention a couple of things.  I’ve started adding the ability to bookmark or share to the bottom of each weblog post (using the main social bookmarking/sharing sites, via add this). I’ve also recently done some upgrading and moving about of things, including a separate section to hold some bigblue video clips that may or may not have been posted elsewhere. I have also added the UK as a photo category to bigblue’s weblog.

Posted by bigblue on 01/02/09 at 11:16 AM

Hit by spammers

Last week the site was hit by spammers. Aargh!

Anyhow, I have decided to remove the old blog software. The blogs have all been migrated/converted anyway, so if you came here via a link and ended up on this page, go to our search page to find what you’re looking for.

Posted by bigblue on 27/10/07 at 07:52 PM

Minor changes for 2007

The site has been tweaked slightly over the past few days. Some changes were in response to the denial of service attack last month, others were simply cosmetic.  Hopefully none of the changes will impact our friends, but feel free to report any problems that you might experience via the site contact form.

Posted by bigblue on 06/01/07 at 05:47 PM

Migration complete

We have recently migrated the bluemeanie site and blogs to a new system. Please use the links in the side column to access the new content.

Although we have copied the existing blog entries to the new system, some of the links may not work for a while. For this reason we have retained the old blogs for the time being.

Please bear with us while we sort out any teething problems. If you wish to report any problems, you may use the site contact form.

Links to all blogs can be found at the bluemeanie home page, as can links to the updated RSS feeds.

Posted by bigblue on 30/05/06 at 12:19 PM