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Thursday, 08 January 2004
Gallette des Rois


This evening Mme Wolff invited us les co-locataires (house-mates) to her apartment for un apero, consisting of fois gras, petit fours, une gallette des rois and a bottle (or two actually) of cr�mant d’alsace. The gallette des rois is a “King Cake” which is a traditional treat of Epiphany. You can find an explanation from the innaccurate tourist here.  You can also find a recipe here.

Mme Wolff found the f�ve (lucky charm) and got to wear the crown. Above is a photo of everyone else - from left to right: Stuart (who leaves us at the end of the week), Michaela (who joined us this week), John (who also moved into the house this week), Mme Wolff and Alain.  Missing is Aline, who was entertaining a friend downstairs and sent her apologies. The painting above the table is of Langensoultzbach, the nearby town where Mme Wolff was born. She pointed out the (back of) the house that she was born in and the next door grange (barn). Both buildings are still in her family. The painting was a present to her parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

So I got back to Haguenau ok. The trip back on Sunday was far less eventful than the trip out.  Ash and I drove back, picking up Carles at the airport.  We got back to the tail-end of a patch of snow - which was killed by the rain (and warmer weather) over the last couple of days. However it was good to see the photos on mewn’s blog of the snow that fell in Strasbourg while I was away.

Christmas and New Year were good - even though I had a bit of a cold or flu - and were an inspirational and uplifting period for me.  I will probably say more about that in due course. Strangely my New Year’s resolution (to be a good person, and to try to make the world a better place) seems a bit controversial in some quarters.

Last night Carles, Ash and I went to see Love Actually in Strasbourg. Not a bad film. There were lots of clich�s but there was also parody of the corney movie genre, some funny moments and a good cast.

bluemeanie and pinkie got back (to England) this evening. I spoke to bluemeanie when I phoned. Unfortunately it was a bit late and I woke her up, so we couldn’t really talk. Alors, bienvenue!

Posted by bigblue on 08/01/2004 at 12:38 AM
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