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Monday, 14 March 2005
View from the graveyard


This is the church in Smisby, which I have previously posted information about here.

This morning, imagine my surprise when my

pimp agent phoned and left a message on my voicemail along the following lines:

I am calling with regard to a couple roles we are working on that I think may be very suitable for yourself, so if you will me back our number here is ....

What’s this? Is my contract coming to an end and so they are proactively trying to help me find something new? (Unlikely in the extreme)  Or have they forgotten that there’s a goose that lays the golden eggs for them every month?  (Very likely)  Or are they phoning to spend 30 seconds telling me they have a potential role for me and I must send them an updated CV and 30 minutes interrogating me about the project where I currently am, trying to solicit the names and phone numbers of all the managers, and wanting to know what prospects there are to place anyone else on the project.  (Not unlikely based on my experiences with previous



Posted by bigblue on 14/03/2005 at 10:20 PM
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Sunday, 13 March 2005


This is sunset over the Ratcliffe-upon-Soar power station in the East Midlands.  This is a key landmark in the East Midlands and is visible from the M1 motorway.

Valentine’s Day was a month ago, but I have just come across this short film by zefrank.

Posted by bigblue on 13/03/2005 at 09:50 PM
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Be a careful bunny


This town, in Nottinghamshire, should host an Easter festival.

Posted by bigblue on 13/03/2005 at 02:30 AM
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Friday, 11 March 2005
le cygne


This is a Swiss swan, on the Rhine River at Basel.

Today I have had problems accessing Bloglines, which I use to keep in touch with a number of blogs (and news sites that have RSS feeds).  It makes me wonder if I have become too dependent on this one aggregation tool, especially since Bloglines was recently acquired by Ask Jeeves.

Apparently they are planning to integrate Bloglines into their MyJeeves and products.  And no doubt they will introduce advertising.

Posted by bigblue on 11/03/2005 at 11:30 PM
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Thursday, 10 March 2005
I’m an alien


This is Jane’s Health Foods in Rushton’s Yard, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.  I have become a regular customer there, and Jane even gave me a reusable calico bag with her name and logo (a red poppy), which I try to remember to take with me each time I shop there.  (I presume that the woman in the shop is named Jane!)

Last year I gave two of my colleagues Munchy Seeds which I have been addicted to since my days in France.  I normally have them with salad, but it’s a healthy option for people who have the munchies at work.  Anyway, a week or two back Lynn and Judith indicated that the stash I had given them was coming to an end, and asked me to pick up some more the next time I went to Ashby.  On Monday I went into Ashby at lunchtime for something else, and stopped in at Jane’s to pick up some groceries. Unfortunately I forgot the munchie seeds… Back at work (not knowing I had just been into town) Judith asked me when I was next going to Jane’s.  I explained that I had just been and apologised for forgetting. 

Today I had to go to the bank at lunchtime, so I again popped into Jane’s to get the munchie seeds - one large container for home, and one small container each for Judith and Lynn.  I think I mentioned to Jane that I had forgotten the seeds when I was there earlier in the week. 

Unbeknownst to me, Judith and Lynn took a walk into town at lunchtime to go to the post-office, and looking for the sign to Jane’s (which is in an alley area off the high street known as Rushton’s yard).  So it happened that, shortly after I walked out of Jane’s, my two colleagues walked in looking for munchie seeds.  Jane managed to find one large container left, and mentioned to them the coincidence that a foreign man had just come into the shop and bought a large container and the last two small containers of the seeds.  So this afternoon my two colleagues were teasing me about being foreign and saying that Jane admitted to them that she speaks slowly and clearly to me because she is not sure how much English I understand.

Very funny, but of course I cannot confirm that Jane speaks to me like this because I have no idea how she speaks to her other customers!

Posted by bigblue on 10/03/2005 at 09:40 PM
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Wednesday, 09 March 2005
The Dancers


The above picture is comprised of a series of still captures from a video I took of the medieval hall in Prague Castle.

The site linked to above, has some information about the hall where I took these photos:

Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle: built in the 15th Century. Was used as a throne room, for coronation feasts, for assemblies of the Bohemian nobles. Tournaments of chivalry were also held here. More recently it has been used as a site for markets and presidential elections.

There is some detailed information about the castle complex, which claims to be the largest castle in the world, here.

Posted by bigblue on 09/03/2005 at 11:21 PM
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Tuesday, 08 March 2005
Fancy dressing


Cafe Giardino (in the Whitgift Centre) is the smokiest restaurant I have been in for many years.  Although there are non-smoking signs in most of the restaurant, they also have a smoking section. But there is no ventilation or extraction because the restaurant is in a shopping centre.

Dividing a restaurant into smoking and non-smoking sections is like dividing a public swimming pool into urinating and a non-urinating sections.

Posted by bigblue on 08/03/2005 at 11:06 PM
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Monday, 07 March 2005
The Clarinet Player


This is a photo of the clarinet player, trying out one of several instruments in Croyden on Saturday morning.  Through the window you can see a double-decker bus going past.

Posted by bigblue on 07/03/2005 at 11:51 PM
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