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Sunday, 15 May 2005


This is my young cousin, Alice, from Middleton-on-Sea.  She is 7 weeks old having been born on Easter morning (27 March 2005) weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces. That’s 3.46 kg in new money. She wasn’t upset at me when I took the photo, she just looks like she was.

Posted by bigblue on 15/05/2005 at 11:57 PM
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Saturday, 14 May 2005


I assume this girl is a pupil at The Hawthorns School because after the SESAW Jazz Band had finished playing, someone put on some music and she danced a little dance on the lawn.  (This is the pose she made at the end of the routine).

Posted by bigblue on 14/05/2005 at 11:24 PM
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Friday, 13 May 2005
SESAW jazz band


This is the SESAW Jazz band, playing at a fête at the Hawthorns School in Surrey. 

Today I found Sustrans which has useful on-line cycle maps.  I can’t remember where the recommendation came from.

Posted by bigblue on 13/05/2005 at 09:47 PM
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Thursday, 12 May 2005
The cat in the hat


I have no idea who this fellow is, but if that boy is his son he doesn’t look as embarrassed as he could be.

Last night Martin, Ian, Anja and I played cards. I forget what the game is called now .... Actually I decided that it’s probably not a good idea to mention the name here.  The last time I mentioned the other card game we play (begins with a P, ends with an R and has a K in the middle) I had attempts at comment spam from gambling websites. It failed, because you have to be a member to post a comment here.

Anja had some German wine she bought at Tescos. When Ian opened it, the cork split, and we discovered that the wine had corked.  I volunteered to return the bottle for Anja, and they swapped it for another bottle of the same wine, and a refund.  Not bad you might think, but actually I had to work for it.  Bluemeanie and Pinkie think that I complain too easily (in the shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.) but my philosophy is that the customer is king. When I’m the customer I like to be treated like the king.  On the other hand I don’t behave like a king (they are generally simply rude).

Anyway, I discovered that the duty manager at Tesco last night, doesn’t know her own business. She told me that they are a supermarket, not a bottle store and so don’t know how to handle wine.
Fact: Tescos is the largest retailer of wine in the United Kingdom, with 20 percent of the off-sales market.

She also doesn’t know how to apologise for selling a spoiled product.
Fact: It is not a good idea to say you will report the incident and investigate what can be done, and then in the next sentence say that you cannot do anything about it because it is all in the hands of your suppliers.

Tesco is a large and powerful company, it made a profit of more than 2 billion pounds in the last financial year.  However it is being targeted by consumer groups and Friends of the Earth for unethical trading practices.

I felt a bit sorry for the manager because her last line of defence was that she had to tow the company line.  Still, a proper apology is worth a lot more than three pounds. Tescos left me feeling cheap: they only gave me three pounds (and a replacement bottle).

Posted by bigblue on 12/05/2005 at 10:56 PM
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Wednesday, 11 May 2005
The clouds


This is a view of the Oxted viaduct, a Victorian railway bridge in Oxted, Surrey.

I found a photograph of this viaduct, dated May 2001, here. The author of the webpage suggests that the viaduct has been neglected. I found it on the site of a campaign to re-open the Uckfield to Lewes railway line.

Edit: Martin fixed this photo here (12.05.2005).

Posted by bigblue on 11/05/2005 at 11:38 PM
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Tuesday, 10 May 2005
les vaches


This evening the cows made their first appearance of the year in the field opposite.

I have borrowed Martin’s TC80N3 camera timer remote controller and have been quite surprised by how useful it is.  I have to get my own.  I spent about half an hour with the camera on the widowsill aimed at the house martin’s nest, and myself lurking on the floor below the window.  I took about 8 photos of the nest, and just missed the bird on one occassion.

I was more lucky (although not very creative) with my sequence of the sunset.  The remote controller can be programmed to control timed shots and I set it to take 20 photos at 5 minute intervals.

Edit: Martin fixed this photo here (12.05.2005).

Posted by bigblue on 10/05/2005 at 10:48 PM
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Monday, 09 May 2005
No parking


Stencil gaffiti has taken off in recent years.

Much graffiti is rubbish and makes our streets look uncared for and tatty.  Some of it, however, brings life and humour to the urban scene. Stencil graffiti is one of the most consistently interesting types of street art and this week’s picture set shows ten examples from Brighton and London in recent years.

from: Images Brighton.  Some stencil graffiti also makes our streets look uncared for and tatty, but there is something to be said (without being nimby) for the London graffiti artist arofish who went to Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza

vandalising the already ruined walls - painting over bullet scars.

Posted by bigblue on 09/05/2005 at 11:50 PM
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Sunday, 08 May 2005
The birdbath


This is another view of the birdbath from my lounge window. I tried to get a photograph of the house martins who have nested just outside the window but they are very shy. I do have a few photos of the mud nest but am still hopeful I will get one of the birds and not have to resort to blogging a photo of the nest only.

I was interested to read that you can make your own house martin nest. The RSPB recommend that you don’t build the next above a window because of parasites that infect the birds. Unfortunately nobody told the house martins not to build their next above my window, but fortunately the parasites in question (feather mites) don’t infect humans.

Posted by bigblue on 08/05/2005 at 10:57 PM
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