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Friday, 04 March 2011
A bunker in Berlin


A Chamber of Horrors in what appears to be a school yard. This bunker was a World War II air-raid shelter that was built in 1943 comprising of five levels as part of an underground network connecting various similar concrete structures throughout Berlin. Today it houses both the Gruselkabinett (Chamber of Horrors) as well as an exhibition on the history of the bunker itself. Apparently the museum is not suitable for young children. There’s a photograph from within the grounds of what I assumed is a school here and one taken inside here, with the description:

Darkness surrounds you as you walk through the eerie bunker maze.

When you least suspect it, someone will touch your shoulder or whisper in your ear. Very common to hear guests screaming their guts out. A creepy, yet funny experience.

The place is set up like a haunted house. But we won’t give too much away…You’ll have to scream for yourself.

Charming stuff. Well I suppose the museum has deprived the school children of a place to have a fag.

Posted by bigblue on 04/03/2011 at 07:56 AM
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When I was a student in Durham it was rumoured that there was a tunnel from the castle to the river, and a couple of us spent some time looking for it, without success. Perhaps they should turn it into a museum.

Posted by SteveH  on  08/03/2011  at  05:30 AM

We have a number of caves honeycombing the area where I live. The entrances are not marked on maps, although a local book said “the sites of the entrances are well known to all boys of school-going age”.  Perhaps you were hanging out with the wrong crowd in Durham.

Posted by bigblue  on  08/03/2011  at  06:08 PM

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