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Saturday, 05 April 2008
A designated public place

Spotted in Chertsey, this sign reads in full:

You are in a designated public place
If you continue to drink alcohol in this area when asked not to by a police officer, you are liable on conviction to a
maximum fine of £500
You may be arrested if you fail to surrender any intoxicating liquor to a police officer in this area if requested
Surrey Police
Runnymede Borough Council

The Home Office’s Respect website outlines what is meant by a designated public place:

Designated public places orders (DPPOs) are a tool that can be used by local authorities to deal with the problems of anti-social alcohol drinking in public places.

Once a DPPO is in place the police can use their confiscation powers to enforce the restriction. It is not an offence to consume alcohol within a designated area, but failure to comply with an officer’s requests to stop drinking and surrender alcohol without reasonable excuse is.

DPPOs are available in areas that have experienced alcohol-related anti-social behaviour problems. They have been used across the country in areas ranging from a single street or park, to town centre or city-wide areas.

OK, that was my understanding. But look at the scene below:

The sign in question is actually on the lamppost to the left of the picture (below the directional sign to Shepperton).  It is on the A320, and not exactly one that I would have thought would be frequented by pedestrians. I took this photo at midday during the week. Perhaps the situation is different at night or on the weekend.

Posted by bigblue on 05/04/2008 at 03:49 PM
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