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Saturday, 17 December 2005
Advisory sign


We suggest that you rather give your precious belongings away, or sell them.  The above photograph makes its appearance on the wall of a restaurant in Dubai.

It suggests, despite all appearances, that there may be incidents of petty crime in the emirate after all.  According to Destinations:

Voted the safest City in the world for four consecutive years, by a study compiled by Interpol, crime in Dubai is almost non-exisent.

The Economist city guide to Dubai puts a different perspective on crime and safety. It seems that even crime is on a grander scale than most other places:

Dubai is in general a very safe place; there are some horrific murders and assaults, but these are largely confined to family disputes and organised crime. Semi-organised crime is present in the form of the so-called Russian and Indian mafias. The Russian mafia is reputed to control much of the prostitution industry, while the Indian mafia is involved in money-lending and inter-family trade feuds.

They also suggest that Dubai’s status as a trading hub makes it a natural conduit for drug smuggling from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Europe, although this has little impact on Dubai society as drug usage there is low (but rising).  Organised prostitution is also mentioned.  The Galactic Guide includes some advice as to some of the consequences for those who may be inclined to get involved in “criminal activities”:

According to the very severe local laws, you may get your arm chopped off for theft, and get hanged for the use or storing of drugs. If the police stops you drunk at the street, you may spend several weeks in prison. But normally police hardly ever stop people to check their passports and driving licenses. Foreigners are treated friendly.

Posted by bigblue on 17/12/2005 at 02:16 AM
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