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Thursday, 19 April 2007
Another accident in Oxted


About an hour ago there was a loud bang outside, followed eventually by the wail of sirens as the police, fire brigade and ambulance services arrived to assist.  This is the same location where a pedestrian was knocked down earlier this year.

This time it looks like a car turning right out of Church Lane onto the A25 was struck by a heavy truck coming down West Hill. What I said last time was:

this is where the speed limit drops from 50mph to 40mph although motor vehicles also tend to ignore the speed limit at this spot.  It is a fairly busy intersection but, because it is in a dip between two hills, cars and trucks tend to speed up in order to keep their momentum for the upcoming hill.

I have been thinking for some time that the speed should be reduced here to 30 mph, not just for safety but because:

  • It will reduce noise pollution;
  • It will be consistent with the speed limit of 30mph on the A25 through other villages such as Godstone, Nutfield, Westerham and Brasted; and
  • It is a tricky stretch for road-users who are not motorists to negotiate because it is where the bicycle lane suddenly disappears!
The Surrey Green Party Manifesto calls for speed limits to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph in residential and shopping areas and by schools.  In principle I support this. In addition, reducing the speed of the A25 from 40 to 30 mph as it goes through Oxted won’t ensure that drivers always keep below this limit, but it will slow them down and improve safety (and noise levels).

What I should have pointed out is that it is also a tricky area for motorists - even at the best of times! This morning the traffic is not particularly heavy on the road and conditions are excellent.

I hope that nobody was seriously injured in the accident. The ambulance was parked at the scene for some time so presumably the patient did not need immediate relocation to the hospital.  Here is a similar view of the scene. Both photos are from my mobile phone, hence the (poor) quality:


Posted by bigblue on 19/04/2007 at 11:05 AM
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The Sevenoaks Chronicle reports that cars were diverted through the garage forecourt.

A CRASH between a lorry and a car on Thursday last week resulted in traffic being diverted through a petrol station forecourt.

Police were called to the scene of an accident at 10.23am on the A25 just outside Oxted involving a lorry and a blue Ford Focus.

As the collision did not block the entire road, police officers were able to redirect traffic through the Total Garage at Old Oxted.

Three units were sent out and an ambulance was called because one of the people involved sustained minor injuries.

The bit about cars being diverted through the forecourt is overstated. Mostly they were just diverted onto the other side of the road. I wonder if they got their information from someone connected to the garage.

Posted by bigblue  on  01/05/2007  at  10:39 PM

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