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Wednesday, 30 March 2005


Spotted on the back of this car in Purley over the weekend:

per pall fesswise gules, sable and azure, a fesswise pall vert fimbriated argent, Or and argent

The flag of South Africa.  The pall word is the technical heralidic term for the Y shape.  As far as I know the flag doesn’t have a name although it has been called the multicoloured Y-fronts.  The pall is apparently the only symbolic feature of the flag (representing unity). The colours of the flag are not officially intended to have any symbolism, representing different things to different people.  So sayeth the South African State Herald and the designer of the flag, Fred Brownell, quoted at

The flag in the photo above is displayed correctly, with the red band on top.  Another way to fly or hang the flag is with the thin edge with the black isosceles triangle on top.

Ten years ago this flag was an interim flag for the period of political transition only.  It was adopted as the permanent flag of South Africa after various other submissions were rejected during a period of national debate.  One of the submissions was by a year 9 pupil, Francisca Lwane, who submitted a sun-flag

because the sun is a sign for brightness and if there is brightness in our country there’ll be no more violence.
Let us love each other like nose and mucus.

according the an [url=]ANC newsbrief dated 7 June 1995. Hold that sneeze!

Posted by bigblue on 30/03/2005 at 11:37 PM
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