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Sunday, 25 January 2004
Back to Master Park

Master Park

Here is my Master Park photo for January. As I was hardly in England during December, I didn’t manage to take a Master Park photo last month. The last one was on 12 Nov 2003.

Today I took pinkie and three friends into London to celebrate her 13th birthday. There’s a milestone! First we went to London Bridge and visited the London Dungeon. From there we caught the riverside bus to Covent Garden. Pinkie and friends visited one of the shops, after which we made our way over to Picadilly Circus for lunch. My original idea was to walk there, but at this stage we had 5 hungry souls and 10 tired feet and headed for the Tube station. Of course the entrance to the underground station was closed, as it is want to be on a Saturday afternoon, due to dangers of overcrowding. Even though it is a mere 10 minute walk, we got a cab.

This was fortunate because there was a long wait at the Rainforest Cafe. We duly put our names down for a table, and then went for a walk outside - back up Shaftsbury Avenue, past Soho and towards Covent Garden for another 30 minute shopping spree. It was my first time as the Rainforest, and although it was not somewhere I would choose for myself, the girls enjoyed it. I thought my polenta portion was a bit small, but it may have been because it was quite late and we were getting closer to supper than lunch.  From the restaurant we made our way, by tube, to Oxford Street where the girls did some more shopping while I perused the books on sale at Borders.

That amounted to a very full day. The girls were exhuberant practically the whole day. If you were on the train back with us, my apologies, but hopefully you remember once being 13.

Posted by bigblue on 25/01/2004 at 12:54 AM
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