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Sunday, 30 November 2003
bon anniversaire holly

fish cake

Today we (the parents, the godparents, the brother, Holly, and about 7 of her friends) celebrated her birthday at the Sea Life Centre in Brighton.  I drove two little devils through, and returned with two little angels (one of them being the same person).  The parents and brother made the above cake last night, and brought it with them. It was certainly aquarium weather in the South East of England today - cold and wet.  Then this afternoon, I went to a performance of the South East Surrey Arts Wind Orchestra, with Pinkie performing (excellently). Then this evening was the final� of bluemeanie’s school play, Caberet.  So a very proud day all round.

And I bought nothing today!  (Sorry to all those expecting birthday presents!). 

While on the subject of birthday’s: I missed Kirsten and Tamsin’s on 28th!  This was despite a reminder from their big sis’ and the birthday alarm on my mobile going off at midnight the night before! Well that was probably the cause, as the alarm should have gone off at 9am on 28th itself.  I had better check the upcoming birthdays, because it is not pleasant waking up at that time if you have just fallen asleep.

I came across this really strange story on the internet: “Indian fakir hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for several decades”.  No, it’s not National Enquirer, and it’s not Ananda Marga Publications but the BBC - and they say a hospital is monitoring him - he is 70 and in perfect health, and didn’t eat or drink anything in hospital for 10 days. Most people can only live a few days without liquids.  The story is here. If you look at the second photo of him, it looks like he hasn’t grown very much in 70 years (heh heh!).  Actually, the BBC is a mine of interesting information. For example, if you get past the initial disgust of this article and work your way to the end, you find out that “parasites make up the majority of species on earth”.

Another interesting site I found is Mr Picassohead where you can draw your own Picasso. Give it a go.  They will even email your artwork to you, but beware: I don’t advise this because I saw that the company that developed this “game” is involved in direct-to-consumer email campaigns and online marketing.  Spam no doubt.

Finally, I got to see what this site would look like if I had an Apple Mac.  Courtesy of iCapture.  Seems to work fine!

Posted by bigblue on 30/11/2003 at 12:52 AM
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