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Wednesday, 26 November 2003
Break a leg!

Aussie whine

The above picture is doing the email rounds this week.  It looks like it might be an advertisement for a bottle-store.

I had hoped to take a picture of the solitary demonstrator (at the company across the road) with his La Cantine a Denise banner, but he wasn’t there at lunchtime today. Apparently he is Denise’s husband, and is protesting about how she lost her job. The story is a bit vague, but she used to work in the canteen and then she was transferred to another section (or visa versa). Anyway she was then made redundant. He wasn’t there, so I couldn’t ask him for more details. Ash says he hopes Denise got her job back.

Today I was thinking about bluemeanie, whose school play Caberet opened tonight. She seemed in a good space this morning, but I didn’t manage to speak to her this evening. I will hear tomorrow morning how the opening night went. 

This evening a group of 10 us went to a restaurant in Strasbourg with a colleague who is visiting from Beijing. It was one of the better restaurants we have been to, called La Pont aux Chats (Cat’s Bridge). The ambiance and decore are decidedly feline. The restaurant is in an old timbered building, and the atmosphere is Alsacian. The portions aren’t - they are small.

Posted by bigblue on 26/11/2003 at 12:35 AM
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I dind’t see the match but back in Barcelona they said it was exicitng!

About the dinner yesterday I have to say it was nice and delicious… lost’s of cats, it’s true, but funy. We did laugh a lot and there’s a joke about an olive rounding the office… you don’t wanna know guys wink

Posted by carles  on  26/11/2003  at  11:24 AM

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