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Thursday, 23 March 2006
Camps Bay

Camps Bay

This is another view of Camps Bay in Cape Town, taken at sunset from the rock in Fresnaye.

I had a strange experience three nights ago - that is if I can claim the experience for my own: a friend in Cape Town dreamed my dream. It was about her, me, my family and my thoughts. Some of the most obvious imagery was pretty clear to her (even then I don’t think she necessarily understood all the details and symbolism).  The rest, except for the final image was instantly clear.  I was astonished when she told me of the dream because I had been thinking the same thoughts that evening (and took them to my pillow).

I did a bit of research and there are two main ideas about the final, missing, link:

  1. The passage of life
  2. The buffalo sacrifice is important in many Southeast Asian cultures in royal and chiefly ritual, and in funerary rites. The buffalo and horse are commonly viewed as animals that carry the dead to the afterlife.
  3. The coming of Spring (representing abundance, new life, etc)

In the context of the rest of the dream either (or both) of these could make sense.

Posted by bigblue on 23/03/2006 at 10:41 PM
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