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Thursday, 26 February 2009
Chertsey Church


There is some restoration work taking place on the flag pole of St Peter’s (shared) church in Chertsey. One of the bells in this tower is known as the curfew bell (and referred to in the legend). This bell provides the 5th ring of the tower, was cast in the 14th Century, and survives Chertsey Abbey. The Abbey itself was founded in 666 and dissolved in 1537.

Posted by bigblue on 26/02/2009 at 09:49 PM
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The curfew bell is not “named after the legend”. It called this because it’s the actual (Abbey) bell that used to ring the actual curfew for centuries. The legend that you refer to concerns a story, that is alleged to have taken place during the civil was, in which this bell features.

Posted by Janet  on  28/02/2009  at  10:07 AM

Point taken. I will change the wording “after the legend”, to “and referred to in the legend”.

Posted by bigblue  on  01/03/2009  at  09:00 PM

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