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Friday, 01 March 2013
Climbing the North Downs

This video contains two short clips. In the first clip a car passes me. I had pulled over so that it could pass easily, but I wasn’t comfortable with the speed at which the driver passed me, and I pulled back a bit in the final moments.  In the second clip I pass some horse riders. They waited for me at the top of the hill, partly because there was a car crawling up the hill behind me at that stage. The driver was revving his engines behind me (an unsubtle message to me, perhaps?). Of course I pulled over for him, but I had to continue to the top to be able to to do this, as in the last part of the climb there was not enough room to let him pass. I wish that more people that I encountered that day were as patient as the horse riders.

Posted by bigblue on 01/03/2013 at 07:30 AM
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