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Thursday, 29 January 2009
DEC Appeal for Gaza

This is the appeal the BBC didn’t want to broadcast.

The BBC’s area of influence is worldwide; its unhappy decision not to air the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal is important news here on the West Coast.

I should like to add my voice to that of China Mieville and all the others protesting this confusion of political or sectarian bias with a legitimate and urgent humanitarian appeal.

~ Ursula K. Le Guin, Portland, Oregon.

Regarding the BBC’s unwillingness to support the appeal for relief to the people of Gaza:
It is unconscionable that the BBC refuses to make a distinction between “unbiased reporting” (which apparently means, bending to lobbying pressure) and supporting the humanitarian action that is so urgently needed in GAZA ... whoever may be responsible for causing the destruction.

Over 3,000 innocents in GAZA caught in the cross- fire are dead or wounded ... families have been decimated ... whole communities have been leveled ... infrastructure has been destroyed ... and you refuse to join humanitarian efforts to bring aid to them.

What is the matter with you people?  Are you blind or just spineless?

Innocent people urgently need supplies of food, water, medicines, shelter ... yes, and limbs too ... as a result of the annihilation of GAZA.  Meanwhile,  the BBC puts its corporate tail between its legs and hides behind the thinly-veiled excuse of “impartiality”. 

What’s the difference between supporting an appeal for aid to the victims of a Tsunami and supporting a relief effort to the innocent victims of war ... any war?

As an independent broadcaster, the public mandate of the BBC should be to place it squarely on the side of HUMANITY.  That being so, the BBC should be at the forefront of reporting the whole story even as it supports the greater cause of HUMANITY.
Shame on you!  You have lost my respect and until the BBC can show me true “impartiality”, the BBC can havemy TV license back.

~ David Soul - Actor

Posted by bigblue on 29/01/2009 at 04:21 PM
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