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Monday, 15 December 2003
Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Well, we are back from Disneyland Paris, although I am writing this on the TGV Eurostar on the way back to Ashford in Kent. From there it will be a one hour drive back to Oxted.  The above picture is from Saturday evening, in front of Le Ch�teau de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty).

I didn�t feel that we did as many rides as we have on past trips to Disneyland, but we walked around and saw a lot. Pinkie and I also skipped the Disney Studios Theme Park and did some extra shopping while Bluemeanie and Dylan.went there for a short time on Sunday.  On Saturday it was pretty wet and cold, and we got wet, especially in the evening when there was a big downpour just before the final parade.  We had been �trapped� by the crowds and marshals blocking the way for the parade, so didn�t manage to escape the rain. We were exhausted on Saturday night, but still found time for dinner (and a balance-the-spoon-on-your-nose competition with two charming young women in comfortable shoes at the next table).  Still, we did all oversleep on Sunday morning. The other unfortunate thing was that I had gone to the park on yesterday with only 5 minutes of taping time left in the camcorder, and having left my blank tapes at the hotel. We tried to make up for it today, taking lots of shots.  The weather and the light were better anyway.

On the way back, we had a one and a half hour changeover at Lille Europe station. So we decamped to the large shopping centre over the plaza from the station, for a late lunch and a Euro spree. Bluemeanie and Dylan bought some p�tisseries from Paul and some biscuits from Carrefour Supermarch�. Pinkie bought two tops and a pair of gloves from Pimkie (no relation) and a pair of silver dice earrings from a stall.

There seemed to be loads of Dutch people in the Park today. I must check if that was Thomas and Jessa�s experience too � they were there earlier in the week.  I noticed something about the Dutch accent. Someone told me that the Dutch find the Afrikaans accent harsh and guttural.  I was listening to some of the Dutch people talking to each other, and found their accents very soft and child-like, even the adults.  They sounded like Afrikaans children talking with affected �sweet� accents to each other.

Posted by bigblue on 15/12/2003 at 12:40 AM
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