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Sunday, 19 October 2003
du rôti (l’agneau)

The London Eye

So yesterday we made it into London and caught Bea Arthur’s penultimate show at the Savoy Theatre. During the show she tells jokes, chats about her experiences in show business, and sings songs accompanied by her friend Billy Goldenburg. It is well worth seeing but, naturally, seeing it twice destroys some of the intimacy that she creates through the format of the show.  For example at the start of the show she gives a lamb recipe, and along the way she gives the appearance of just chatting away, sometimes suddenly remembering details. So you can lose a little ‘magic’ the second time round, when you see how perfectly repeated it is.

Bea appeared to be suffering from a cold, and used paper tissues from time to time during the performance. If I hadn’t read that she had been sick over the past couple of weeks and had cancelled some performances I would have thought this was also part of the act as she had the same relationship with the tissue box in Cape Town.  Apparently she is about 81, so doing the show every day must be quite a strain.

I was interested in whether there would be any ‘local flavour’ to the show in London.  At the show in Cape Town, Bea had spoken about how South Africa was the first country to legalise gay marriage - when mentioning that Canada proposes to be the third.  That was kind of a local touch.  In the London version, she made a joke about Loiners.  Basically she spoke about Maude, and mentioned the fact that it had never been shown in the UK.  Billy piped in

Didn’t they get it in Leeds?

to which Bea replied

It was broadcast in Leeds, but I don’t know if they got it.

Other than that she forgot to tell the story about Tony Curtis at drama school, but came back after the interval and acknowledged this and told the story.  This was not an obvious “fault” in the show, because it fitted in just as well there as anywhere.  bluemeanie reminded me after the show that she had also not mentioned the bit about her drama training covering strong Shakespearean roles.

bluemeanie criticised me for buying tickets for the matine�.  Fair enough - the atmosphere would probably have been better in the evening. 
The only other highlight of the outing was when bluemeanie and I found the dressing-room window where Zbornak had taken the picture of Bea.  It was closed.  Not that we wanted to spy on her (cough cough).

For most of yesterday I was trying to fix the girls’ desktop computer. It is still not running, despite the valiant efforts of pcfixer last night. Still we have a good idea of what the problem is now, and thankfully he was able to back up all stored work/documents.

Posted by bigblue on 19/10/2003 at 04:39 PM
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