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Monday, 27 October 2003
faites attention (de les méchants)

Haut Koningsbourg

This is a picture of Haut Koningsbourg, overlooking the murkey plains of Alsace. This castle was mentioned in the historical record for the first time in the 12th Century, and was destroyed by Swedish artillery in the 17th. However in 1899 the nearby town of Séléstat gave the castle to Kaiser Wilhelm II, who had it restored to its current glory.

Of course it fell back under the French government a mere 10 years later, and is now the responsibility of some French ministry. My landlady, mme wolff, tells me that it was neglected for many years, until recently, because of its association with the Kaiser.

I noticed today that the myth of the healthy French nation is being exposed.  Who knows what the impact of this news will be on this nation of hypochondriacs

Our local newspaper today had an article which highlights how Disneyland Paris has been overtaken by evil and malicious things, until 2 November 2003.  Our very own kitchen here at chez wolff has been decorated with an orangy theme by anna-sofia.  So, this coming week we can commemorate the paleopagan festival of Samhain, remember all our dead ancestors, and give thanks that the commercial activities now associated with Christmas are delayed for another week.  At least in France.

Today is also the start of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan.

Posted by bigblue on 27/10/2003 at 11:47 PM
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