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Thursday, 29 May 2008
Feeding the birds


Working at home today I managed to get a better look at how this device is being put to use. It’s been some years since I’ve put it up and I just fill it up every week without really monitoring it properly - until today. Quite frankly I’m not altogether pleased. There were two super-sized doves lurking around for much of the time, and I didn’t select a special meadow feed garden seed blend for the likes of such undeserving cases.  The parties above received my approval, except for their feeding manners.  Basically they seem to be a mother, father and juvenile. Moms and pops take turns fetching seed for junior who is not confident enough and hangs around on the stand making noises and gestures of encouragement to them. I have no problems with running a family-friendly restaurant with a boistrus clientele but I noticed that they are a rather fussy family, shovelling out the seeds they don’t like and picking out only the ones they do like. Have some consideration fellas - there’s another sitting after you. Besides your littering encourages those inappropriate doves to the party. Perhaps we need some basic house rules ...

Posted by bigblue on 29/05/2008 at 07:43 PM
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Worked at home? Your twitter line says you were on a train at East Croydon earlier.

Posted by Janet  on  29/05/2008  at  08:45 PM

I’ve have the same problem - fat wood pidgeons on the ground mopping up all the thrown away seeds by those little guys in the picture. I’ve noticed they bang on the side of the container to move interesting looking seeds towards the feeding hole. Showing intelligence!

My feeder used to be a half log with wire mesh but the squirrels tore that to bits, the plastic (similar to yours) has so far resisted attacks but is rather worn at the edges.

The feeder was quiet for a coupe of weeks as the May bugs were a preffered food source!

Posted by David  on  30/05/2008  at  08:56 AM

@Janet: Well spotted (I suppose), I had a 5-minute appointment in London at 9am so darted in and out of London as it were…

@David: My log feeder also didn’t stand the test of time.

Posted by bigblue  on  31/05/2008  at  01:17 PM

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