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Wednesday, 28 January 2004
feuilles d’hiver

Haguenau trees

The photo above, of the snow falling in Haguenau, shows the same trees as depicted in the picture of 7 Nov 2003.

More snow fell today, but it stopped in the evening and started melting due to warmer conditions. Still the roads were slushy tonight, and slippery in places.  We went bowling, and I even managed to beat “the Dutch”. Last week just Carles, Michael, Michaela and myself played. Tonight Martin and Guan joined us.

Last week we saw the movie 21 grammes (version Francais) at Pathé Brumath. We debated before-hand which movie to see: 21 grammes, or Kill Bill Vol 1. I remember arguing for 21 grammes on the basis that it was romantic. It’s not - it’s a drama.

I enjoyed it very much, and would now like to see the film in English at some stage. I don’t think that I missed anything crucial in the French version (except for what the argument outside the lift was about, but Michaela filled that in for us afterwards). But I am sure that there are some details that I missed.

The director of 21 grams (English title) is Alejandro González Iñárritu, a Mexican director and filmwriter. His last film was Amores Perros. The French movie title is d’Amours chiennes. The English translation would be Love is a bitch.  Both of these films seem to have some of the same themes, and Carles says that stylistically they are very similar, with flashbacks, merged/inter-weaved storylines, and the influences of the dogme school

I read a review on Amazon which says that

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s striking Amores Perros is the film Pulp Fiction might have been if Quentin Tarantino were as interested in people as movies.

A must-see movie then.

And, Carles says that Iñárritu is going to direct the third Harry Potter film, so that should be very interesting! I am sure that if he is given leeway, his movie will be better than the one Spielberg would have done. (I read somewhere that Spielberg asked for the job).

Posted by bigblue on 28/01/2004 at 03:13 AM
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I had a mistake, is not Inarritu, it will be Sergio Cuaron, another great mexican theone who will do the Harry Potter III


Posted by carles  on  28/01/2004  at  11:35 AM

Well it was probably too good to be true! In any case, Iñárritu will be better off avoiding such highly commercialised vehicles as Harry Potter. Although I hope that Cuaron makes a good HP3 film.

Posted by bigblue  on  28/01/2004  at  11:04 PM

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