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Monday, 11 December 2006
Godstone Shop Bling

Godstone News Christmas lights

This is the Godstone News on the High Street in Godstone, the brightest shop bling that I have seen yet this season.  According to this week’s Surrey Mirror (story not yet online), Godstone is the crime capital of the district of Tandridge. This is despite the fact that it was the centre of the CrimeStoppers initiative of last year.  There are fourseparate areas within the police beat of Godstone: Tyler’s Green (towards the fire station, near the M25), Godstone (on the Green), South Godstone (around Godstone Station) and Blindley Heath. I haven’t read the full article (just the bit above the fold!) so I am not sure if this applies to all three of these areas or just one particular area.  I am also not sure what crime information is being collated to determine this: Was a survey conducted? Were reported crimes tallied? Were only certain categories of reported crimes tallied? I might even read the full article someday if Surrey Mirror could be bothered to put it on their website ... Until they do I am inclined not to buy their newspaper.  One day something about crime statistics might even appear on the Surrey Police Website for Tandridge.  In the meantime residents of Godstone might want to take note of the 40 tips to stop a thief on the Surrey Police webpage for Godstone.

Posted by bigblue on 11/12/2006 at 05:48 AM
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