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Friday, 31 October 2003


Caption competition: There’s a prize for the person who comes up with a suitable caption for the above picture!  Post your entries under comments below, or mail them to me.

Spoke to Petite Maman last night and wished her happy birthday. She was in lively spirits and told me about the loads of presents, and visitors, that she received yesterday. She says that most of the family don’t remember her birthday is on 30th and call her on 31st.  I can’t imagine why people would get confused between her birthday and Halloween.

It feels like this week has been a short one.  This week has been Passion Week at work. In the corridor outside there are all kinds of games: hop-scotch, noughts-and-crosses, puzzles, etc. fixed onto the carpet. We have red heart balloons on the ceiling, and a vie-ma-vie programme where you are supposed to go and find out about somebody else’s job in the company.  They had a programme in the factory yesterday where you could go and see how they make M&M’s and mix your own colours.  A bunch of people came up from the factory at lunchtime with pink and other strange coloured (and shaped) ones. This morning one of our IT colleagues is going to be showing a group of people from the business what she does on a normal day.

Our colleagues in the US came to work yesterday dressed as Halloween characters.  My team-mate who is there mentioned the names some of these characters to me, but I had no idea what or who they are.

Posted by bigblue on 31/10/2003 at 08:05 AM
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Come on, post your captions here!
bluemeanie has thought one, but hasn’t been able to access the internet at all this week.

Posted by bigblue  on  31/10/2003  at  11:13 PM

Ok here’s my “response”

Off camera voice: Petite Maman?

...I can’t imagine why people would get confused between her birthday and Halloween

Posted by bluemeanie  on  01/11/2003  at  12:00 AM

okay here’s my caption smile

“the wicked witch of the east OR the wicked witch of the west?”

Posted by africanwmn  on  02/11/2003  at  05:53 PM

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